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Thread: FBA PS3(aka: FBANext) Full Test Version released

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    FBA PS3(aka: FBANext) Full Test Version released

    From Psx-Scene:


    FB Alpha (formerly Final Burn Alpha), based on the original Final Burn source code, is a multi-arcade emulator.

    Capcom CPS-1 /// Capcom CPS-2 /// Capcom CPS-3
    Cave /// Neo Geo /// Sega System 16 /// Toaplan /// Taito /// Psikyo 68EC020
    Plus Other Misc Great Arcade Systems

    ROMS: Put your roms on a usb stick in > /FBANext-ROMS/

    SELECT - Insert Coin
    START - Start
    L2 - Return to browser

    I recommend restarting the emulator between games to avoid stability issues.

    Thanks to Lantus for all the amazing improvements!

    Who needs GT5 when you can enjoy the likes of Final Fight, Metal Slug, Street Fighter Alpha!

    The links dont work out so well, so here it is:

    For access to Service Menu/Dip Switches:
    CPS1: ???? (Unable to access playing 1941 Rom. Will try other CPS1 Roms and show results)
    CPS2+3: R3
    Neo-Geo: L3+R3
    Will see about other Hardware Roms and post results

    For Button Mapping( Say Street Fighter Games) the results are as follows( Use this to see how other Rom mapping will be:
    O1 | O2 | O3
    O4 | O5 | O6
    Button 1: Triangle
    Button 2: L1
    Button 3: R1
    Button 4: X
    Button 5: O
    Button 6: []
    Later releases (improved) might possibly contain a way to map the Buttons to your liking. Stay informed with the Emulator's site:
    Note: For some reason, No source downloads or Compiled images are shown on the site. Guess will have to get when one is compiled and on the Forums
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