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    Dop-Mii Library v1
    Committing the first working build of the new Library branch of DOP-Mii. This is
    a branch intended for developers who would like to easily use the power of DOP-
    Mii in their applications or would rather write a new front-end in lieu of the
    one we already use.
    [SPOILER="INFO"]I've been spending a great deal of time of lately analyzing DOP-Mii and thinking about the future of the program. It's grown to be so powerful I'm not even sure what it is anymore. The best description I can come up with for it is "DOP-Mii is a powerful system tool for your Wii which can do almost anything". DOP-Mii is never going to be truly finished, but I know it's going to need to take on a better form to continue to stay at the top.

    Thinking about the future of DOP-Mii I looked at three things which seem to occur repeatedly:

    1)I get a lot of e-mails from people saying how grateful they are for the program. Not only because of how they've modified their Wii's with it, but because of how they were able to use the source code to expand their own homebrew. I once even got an e-mail from someone claiming to be a licensed developer who used it to experiment with IOS to see how he could enhance his games and to develop external peripherals.

    2)I get a lot of e-mails from people asking me to give DOP-Mii a nice, highly graphical GUI. I always neglect these requests because I feel I would be better spending my time continuing to expand DOP-Mii rather than make it graphical.

    3)There are a lot of "Mods" of DOP-Mii floating around the net. Some are pretty neat (GUI enhancements, additional features) and others really suck (Like the ones based ones based on unstable builds that were written in C). Either way, I'm always happy to see people play with the source.

    So about a couple weeks ago it finally occurred to me that next logical step would be to make a new branch of DOP-Mii. This new branch would remove the front-end (in other words our GUI) meanwhile keeping the powerful base code that powers every mod, every enhancement to every app, and too many other things to list here. It would be DOP-Mii compiled into a static library.

    Now, developers have a powerful set of tools (I haven't even brought up yet how nice our USB Gecko or USB Storage drivers are) on hand at any time without any messy source code rearranging. And anyone interested in writing a new GUI for DOP-Mii should be able to do so much more easily with all of the existing GUI removed from the source. It's really a great situation for everyone.

    I've gone through and carefully pruned and modified the library to make sure it's as useful and small as it can be without cutting out any features. This is only the first public release so there's bound to be a lot which can still be improved. Developers, I beg you to keep in touch and let me know about anything I can do to make the library as useful as possible.[/SPOILER]

    Dop-Mii v14

    AHBPROT + Patching

    [SPOILER="INFO"]Well, it didn't come out as soon as I wanted it to, but it's finally here. And it finally works on all Wiis.

    The actual changelog is too long to write out so I'll just list the big changes:

    • Proper AHBPROT support which no longer limits user functionality but instead extends it
    • [Bugfix] You can now install an IOS that accepts fakesigning on all Wiis (you must have AHBPROT present though)
    • [Bugfix] No more crashes from system report
    • Compatible with libogc 1.8.5

    I really worked my butt off getting back into DOP-Mii as the lead developer again and making the three simultaneous releases of it's branches today and I truly hope that everyone enjoys DOP-Mii. [/SPOILER]

    Dop-Mii Wiibrew Edition 14.3

    [SPOILER="INFO"]I've just released v14.3 of DOP-Mii WiiBrew Edition. For those who may not recall, DOP-Mii WiiBrew Edition is a stripped down version of DOP-Mii which does not contain any functionality relating to patching or installing patched IOSs.

    In this release I've worked hard with lukegb (the primary maintainer of the WiiBrew Edition branch) to make sure that you don't need any magic libogc builds to compile the release, that everything is updated to what I use in the main build of DOP-Mii, and to squash every single bug in the program. Like the other versions of DOP-Mii, a lot of hard work went into this build and I hope everyone will appreciate it.[/SPOILER]

    Source/Changes:Changes - dop-mii - Project Hosting on Google Code
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    I hope double_A(the syscheck 2.0 dev) makes a gui similar to syscheck ahh or same thing gets implemented with MMM

    but i love the new dop-mii

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    Dop-Mii Updated

    * [Bug fix] wiimote LED flashing code is been (temporarily) disabled in all builds
    * [All Builds] Fixed a bug caused by libogc 1.8.5 causing network initialization to crash for some users (thank you for your support yellow star)
    * [All Builds] Fixed a bug causing USB drives to not be properly mounted USB not Allowing users to take advantage of DOP Mii's config file
    * [All Builds] Added additional path to where the DOP Mii config file may be downloaded from (/ apps / Mii DOP / DOP Mii.cfg)
    * [Library] Renamed some global variables to something more appropriate for a library

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    There was a bug that wasn't allowing people to install anything (both versions). I reported it, and it took two releases, but it is now fixed. The current versions are:
    Dop-Mii v14.2
    Dop-Mii: Wiibrew Edition v14.5

    Since I was so helpful, I requested that they add me to the credits and change the name to Dop-Joostin. It's the least they can do after I reported the error and posted screenshots. I bet fixing the app was a piece of cake after that. No changes yet, so they obviously haven't read my post.
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