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Thread: Changing region?

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    Cool Changing region?

    Hey again yet another question ive seen it but im not sure anyway.
    I have a pal wii live in uk
    IF i download an ntsc game because i cant find the pal obviously
    how can i change it to pal if its possible?
    also im using menupatcher v1.0 and i dont have a modchip is it still possible?

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    I don't know about the menu patcher (actually, I don't think you can boot from other regions with it), but the Backup Loader Gamma can Force PAL. I'd make sure you remove the updates from the game before you burn it, though, just to be safe ^_^

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    regionfrii does that, but most things are fine without doing that, their mostly for wiiware/vc wads

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    I have a US Wii and want to play a PAL game on it. I used regionfrii on it and when it loads up the screen says nothing is forced. then it turns black and white, the line "no sd codes found" appears and the picture gets blown up slightly (maybe cos of the different PAL resolution?). then the game loads in black and white, no sound and the video intro is jumpy (not playing smoothly).
    anyone know this problem?

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    wiizle diizle shiizle could do it.. google this.
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    not every TV can handel out of region games, and patching anything could be a issue


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