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Thread: After upgrading to 4.3U can't play backup games

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    After upgrading to 4.3U can't play backup games

    Hi all, i got a hard modded wii, after my son upgraded the firmware to 4.3U. I can't seem to play backups anymore. Anyway around this? Over the last 2 years i have never upgraded the firmware. I also have never put in anything homebrew before. Pls advice me how to get it to play backups again. The shop i went to said that it is impossible. pls advice.

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    If the backups are out of region you cannot play them because the update eliminates the region free ability of hardmods. You will need to follow the mod any wii guide in my signature to fix your issue.

    You should also stop into the Introduce yourself forum and make a post. They will hook you up with a lot of info/links to get you going.
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    Sorry about this.
    Can you clarify
    If I update my son's wii with the 4.3u I accept I will he will not be able to play out of region games anymore but will the wii be bricked. There is a wasabi dx chip in the wii...... If that makes any difference !!

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    Any hardmod with a System Menu of 4.2 or 4.3 will kill your Wii's ability to play out of region games. Have you Introduced yourself yet in the Introductions section of the site? I see you found this thread easily enough; did you think the answer would be different for you than for the OP?


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