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Thread: Wii Party help.

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    Wii Party help.

    heres my problem, my daughter updated the Wii to 4.3e, i rectified this with the indiana pwns solution,
    i later D/L Wii party to disc and she started to play without any problems, but after that i uploaded it to the hard drive via usb loader, but now the game won't work at all, all the other games do, i tried to remove the game from the hard drive but that option wasn't highlighted, i even deleted the game save from the wii memory,unplugged the the hard drive and tried to run the game from disc, nothing just a black screen.
    i have tried all the fixes in the game usb loader menu but still nothing,
    also is there a way to update homebrew and usb loader(wich seems to have changed to cfg for some unknown reason) and other apps??
    please help

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    Please ignore me, I failed to digest your post and gave BAD ADVICE
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    Bad advice, please refrain from replying when it's something out of your depth.


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