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Thread: updating my softmod!

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    updating my softmod!


    I modded my wii using the Zelda hack about 2 years ago, I still have the homebrew channel but need to update, I am guessing i just need to update the files on the sd card but im not to sure how to go about it and what with.

    If i need to give you more information let me know and ill try and find out!

    sorry for the vague post!!


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    Hi Thanks for that,
    With out me knowing the Kids have done the latest online update so i have now lost the homebrew channel!! does this meen i now need to start from scratch?


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    good that you checked what happened.
    go back to your welcome message or directly in the recommended guides section and use the 4.3 softmod guide by mauifrog. Times have changed since Zelda. You will need one of the mentioned games to softmod your wii again. Good luck with that. if you have questions regarding the guide please ask there.

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