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Thread: I need help with playing Black Ops

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    I need help with playing Black Ops

    All right, so I have Call of Duty: Black Ops, as you know you have to update to 4.3 to play it on the Disc Channel so I updated using MMM (Mult-Mod-Manager), and in the middle of game play online or even on the start up of the game itself, i get a pop up saying: An error has occurred.
    Press the Eject Button, remove the Game Disc, and turn off the power to the concole. Please read the Wii Operations Manual for further instructions." (Same as Error #002).
    I tried re-installing cIOS 249 base 57 and it still does this. Also, I'm using a real Black Ops disc, not a burned disc or USB loader.
    Anyone know what I can do to solve this?

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    First, you do not have to update to play this game from the disc channel.. all you need to do is install IOS57. You do not need to update to play ANY game.

    Second, if you the game loads okay but you still get a disc read error it is likely related to your Disc drive or your original disc. Is the disc scratched? Is your Wii old.....maybe you need to use the lens cleaner....this game streams data from the disc when playing online and I doubt it works well if you have a dirty/bad lens.

    Any further questions should be posted in the guide for this game....or If you want, I will move your post to the hardmod section and leave it open for replies (you can PM me if you would rather it be moved to the hardmod section).
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