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    Lightbulb Please help

    Hi, I am new to modding systems. But I heard about the TP Hack and had to try it.

    I currently HAVE 3.3U on my wii
    I have the Homebrew channel
    I do not have WiiKeys

    But I cant get ciOS to install I get (-1017)
    Nor can I install WAPs. It gives me (ret-2011)

    I am looking to play my legal backups...

    I tried downgrading it fails, and It says I dont have any Custom Firmware.

    Please someone help me with detailed instructions
    Thx in advance

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    By the look of it, you have 3.3v3. Try and use this, and if it doesn't work get back to us.

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    After 15 hours of config, I found a setup, thanks for the reply, im locking this

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