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Thread: Wii LU71 4.0u softmod guide??? cant find it.

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    Wii LU71 4.0u softmod guide??? cant find it.

    I have my cousins wii wich is a LU71 with 4.0 and can't find a guide. I've been searching on here for over an hour with no luck. The guide i've seen says 31.-4.1 with lu64 or lower. Can't someone just point me to the right guide i should be using? I'de like to be able to use the newest iso so it can play black ops as well. Thanx in advance for any help i can get.

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    Stop by the intro section here to make a post to say hello and someone will give you all the links you need. I suggest you use the Softmod Any Wii guide.

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    Will do, thanx.


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