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Thread: managed to install the homebrew channel, but...

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    managed to install the homebrew channel, but...

    all i want to do is watch dvd's on it (as a second dvd player)

    Ive watched many tutorials and everything that ive seen shows the installation of dvdx option there when you can install THC and bootmii (black screen with selectable install options)

    I just dont get the dvdx option, only THC and bootmii is in the list.

    My software ver. is 4.01e and im using the latest ver.of THC.

    also, when i go into the homebrew channel and hit home, i try to run bootmii, but the screen goes black and the disk slot just flashes blue on and off.

    any help would be apprieciated. thanks


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    Sounds like you found some worthless out dated fail-tube video.
    Dvdx is old and no longer need.
    Search for wiimc in this forum and youll come up with loads of info.
    Also bootmii won't load because you probably don't have a bootmii folder on your sd card.
    Since your softmod came from failtube I suggest you follow the softmod any wii guide in my sig. Start at the beginning and follow it all the way through, then install wiimc. By following that guide you will have the necessary cIOS' needed to use wiimc.
    Don't forget to make an intro post in the introductions thread, you will get a reply full of useful links, and most importantly, the forum rules.

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    thanks for the help, all worked perfectly except i cant actually watch any dvd's, when i click the dvd icon, it just says no disk-retry.
    any ideas?


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