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Thread: Animal Crossing Item Code

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    Animal Crossing Item Code

    sup guys im trying to use the item code cheat

    heres the code im using

    206E23C0 00006E00
    42000000 90000000
    02E2EB22 0000CED0
    02E2EB24 0000CECC
    02E2EB26 0000CEC0
    02E2EB28 0000CEF4
    02E2EB2A 0000BF60
    02E2EB2C 0000AC48
    E0000000 80008000

    so i press Z + B + C + A + 1 but when i press them at the same time it only snaps pictures and no items

    can anyone help, i know im doing something wrong


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    you cant be lookign at your items
    you must have them working in gecko OS
    and you must push them all at once

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    thanks admiral

    these are the steps i do

    1. put the code in the cheat manager
    2. load up geako
    3. in game i press all the buttons
    4. nothing happens while i press all the buttons

    so i have the wrong code numbers or im actvating the code wrong.


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    did you put the gct file in the cheat folder?
    if that isnt the problem do this

    206E23C0 00006E00
    42000000 90000000
    02E2EB22 0000C138
    02E2EB24 0000C13C
    02E2EB26 0000C140
    02E2EB28 0000C144
    02E2EB2A 0000C180
    02E2EB2C 0000C184
    02E2EB2E 0000C188
    02E2EB30 0000C18C
    02E2EB32 0000A9E8
    02E2EB34 0000AE1C
    02E2EB36 0000A9EC
    02E2EB38 0000AE18
    02E2EB3A 0000AE64
    02E2EB3C 0000AE68
    02E2EB3E 0000AE6C
    E0000000 80008000

    use that code, and tell me if it works, if it doesnt youre doing something wrong

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    i tried your code but didnt work

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    question of the you have ocarina installed?

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    question of tommorow, is it the latest or a older gecko OS xD

    but if that code didnt work, then youre doing something wrong
    OH! i know
    make sure its named RUUE01.gct
    make sure when you add a code it changes to code name and you can check it, because only codes with a check mark will work, to change it i often click another code and it asks me

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    the item codes are for the first character you created in animal crossing. I use ocarina and it works fine for me but only with the first character I have on my list of residents


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