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Thread: Inserting ROMs into WAD files.

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    Inserting ROMs into WAD files.


    I'm wanting to know if it's doable to get some of the ROMs for my SNES/N64 carts into WAD files so I can play them on my Wii?

    I'm thinking mainly of the ones that aren't available in VC, like Chrono Trigger, and SSB. Is there a way to do this? If so does anyone have a link to a good tutorial?



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    its doable its called "injecting" and the games are called "injected vc games"
    they are risky, since if you make them wrong you semi bricked your wii

    enjoy :3
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    Looks harder than I thought. I'll definitely play around with it some, but it'll be a long time before i try to install one on my Wii, (one injected by moi, that is).


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    Make one and have your friend test it out lol

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    couldnt you just run an emulator and use a different controller like the gamecube one? what im trying to say is...whats the benefit of running it as a VC instead of an emulator? same stuff right?

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    not having to boot Homebrew > emulator > rom > game
    usually work better since the offical ones, work perfectly
    no buggy programs

    overall Injected VS emulator i dont know but ammount of effort is a reason, other than that its nothing

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    that tutorial is sick though. i dont have the knowledge, or furthermore the confidence to go through with it. id be too afraid of messing up my Wii. for me ill stick with homebrew and run an emulator. but all in all its easier to just run them off my laptop connected to my lcd tv and use my wireless controller. for me, personally, this is the best way and avoids using the wii unnecessarily. but to each his/her own. either way, good info.

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    it's not easier to hook up your laptop to you wii than run an already installed virtual console game, its just easier than making the wad file and installilng it which you only do once. a virtual console game runs natively on the hardware that the wii has, which was designed to run it. an emulator is always just that, an emulator; this means bugs and glitches, no matter how rare. plus, having virtual console is just plain BAD ASS

    and i second that: good info

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    I didnt say connect my laptop to my Wii, I meant to my LCD directly. Can you even connect a laptop to the Wii? I'm new to the Wii and all its capabilities. There was a caveat that stated you could semi-brick your Wii if you do it wrong. I'm not extremely computer literate so some of the instructions make me weary of trying it out since I'd probably be the A-hole to brick mine, although installing Chrono Trigger on my Wii sounds sooo tempting lol. If you cant tell I'm a big fan (MagusALL.) If this isn't a completely N00b question, could someone please tell me does doing anything brick a Wii? Could messing with certain software actually ruin the hardware? This isnt reversible? Maybe my n00b ass should just stick to emulators on my PC and backups on my Wii.

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    Yeah sorry, disregard what I said. I meant TV as well. I just got off the bus at 7am and should've went to bed, but I was having forum withdrawl.

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