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Thread: wiikey help "unable to read disc"

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    wiikey help "unable to read disc"

    i've been having problems with my wii or wiikey, i dont really know which, i've seen other threads similar to mine but i need help just made out to me. i've had my modded wii for a long time now with no problems, until just a few days ago when i tried to play this gc backup i made, it didnt work, i thought it was my burning proccess so i burnt another disc on a different speed and while it was burning i decided to play some ssbb, until ssbb didnt work. my wii came up with a message saying "error, please...." etc. etc. i then tried another couple of games, some didnt work, some did, e.g. cooking mama. i asked the guy who i get my games from about this and he told me (before i place the working games in the wii) that my wiikey chip was loose after i got some games working he didnt reply. anyway thats my problem, how can i get these games to work, is it the wiikey? do i need to downgrade it or something? i dont know what version its on atm but i updated it when ssbb just came up, its the one with that girl's bum as the screen. if you know a solution please link or give me a guide on how to fix this. much thanks

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    sounds like something is wrong with the drive, open it and make sure the chip is working right, maybe it came loose, or something happened

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    im sure its not the wiikey chip its self because im able to play some burnt copies but others like ssbb dont work

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    well, its not a update issue, because youll get a black screen or promted to update, so its either the chip, the iso/disc, or the drive any of those could be the issue, im thinking the chip or drive

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    ok but like i was able to play ssbb a while ago but now all of a sudden i cant, and by update i mean the wiikey (e.g. 1.9s, 1.9g), i dont know what version it is though, so maybe if i downgrade and then try and upgrade that would help? also, if i updated my wii would that affect the wiikey chip at all?

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    just because you could play them for a while doesnt mean anything, if you cant play it now, then odds are your laser is dead

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    but like i can still play burnt games like cooking mama, pirates of the carribean and stuff, its just games like ssbb, bomberman and some others dont work (which are burnt), also all my real copies work

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    well SSBB uses dual layer discs
    and bomberman idk, download another? thats all i can think of

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    i get my games from a guy, also should i just get a wiikey 2? would that solve problem?

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    no, i really dont know the issue, wait for someone more well versed in this, but im sure it has something ot do with the iso, since you gave me all these details on my previous hunchs


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