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Thread: Black ops multiplayer

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    Black ops multiplayer

    I have a problem with black ops. I am using 4.2e and i have managed to fix the loading screen problem. I am using configurable usb loader and when i run black ops, its all fine. single player works fine and everything is good. But, when i go into multiplayer, i start playing, there is some sort of lag. For about 2-3 seconds, its ok, then it freezes for a second, then its ok for another 2-3 seconds, and the it freezes for a second again. It keeps happening. When i use noegamma, it works fine without the lag, but loading times are huge!! so can someoen help me? I want to play from my hdd without the lag. btw, i am using configurable usb loader, cIOS249 base 57 rev20.

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    You have asked this same question in the guide. There is no need to start a new thread on it.

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    Please do familiarize yourself with the Wiihacks - Nintendo Wii Hacks Community - Forum Rules --- we do enforce them.

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