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Thread: Like-New Softmodded Wii, 1 Game + Accessories

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    Like-New Softmodded Wii, 1 Game + Accessories

    I would like to apologize that I don't really have any history here, so I can understand that people might be nervous to buy from me. I do however have an Ebay page (click here!) so you can view my feedback there, so I'm not completely non-existent.

    Long story short.. I bought a new Wii about 2 months ago. I found this site, signed up and followed a guide to the nail (besides downgrading) and successfully softmodded my Wii. Unfortunately I don't play this thing at all, and I've probably logged 5 hours outside of what it took me to softmod it. With the holidays coming up I guess I should sell it. It's a 4.3U Wii, and this (click here!) was the guide I used to softmod it. This is really the only place I can sell a softmodded Wii, so hopefully I can get it sold here..

    I'm asking for $150 shipped. I only accept Paypal as payment. I'll ship the next business day from purchase.

    Here's all that's included:
    - Wii Console + Stand
    - 1 WiiMote + 2 Plastic Grips (1 is without the Adapter on, the other is with it on)
    - 1 Nunchuck
    - 1 Wii MotionPlus adapter
    - Powerbrick
    - Composite Cable
    - Wii Sensor Bar + Stand
    - 2GB SanDisk SD Card
    - 16GB Kingston DataTraveler 100 G2
    - Original Box with instructions

    - WiiSports
    - WiiSports Resort
    - Tenchu: Shadow Assassins (Complete)

    The flash drive is essentially my backup hard drive. Yes it's small, but it does the job. I'm including the NAND backup and whatever else was backed-up from what I was told to do in the guide onto the Flash drive since I guess this is important to keep. Here's some pictures of everything. If you have a question, I'll be glad to answer.

    I would like to note, I have my Wii hooked up to a (All-In-One PS3, 360, Wii) component cable in the screens showing the menus. This cable is not included (I need it for my ps3).

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    is this offer still up?

    also is this wii capable of playing wii games off usb? and what cios rev is installed on it rev 17?
    i just bricked my wii and thinking of getting a replacement for a while until i can fix my bricked wii
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