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Thread: Call Of Duty: Black ops lets wii freeze completely

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    Call Of Duty: Black ops lets wii freeze completely

    Yesterday, I finally managed to get COD: Black Ops working by installing cIOSX_rev20b-installer. This morning, when I launched the game from Uloader GX, I got the nice Activision intro and the message to use the nunchuk or classic controller. From that moment on the Wii was frozen. the led on the Wii controller was still lit, but no button could make the Wii respond (only pressing 'A' should haven been enough).
    I have reinstalled cIOSX_rev20b-installer, but the issue was still present. I reinstalled Homebrew completely, same issue. I removed the game from my USB drive and used WBFS Manager to put it back onto the drive. Still the game makes the Wii freeze.

    What can be the issue, or what did I do wrong??

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    what did I do wrong??
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