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Thread: New extinfo.dat for DSTT/DSTTi

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    New extinfo.dat for DSTT/DSTTi

    New files to increase the game compatibility of your DSTT/DSTTi are released

    Just copy these files on your microSD inside the "TTMENU" folder except "TTMENU.DAT"


    Known games that must be DECRYPTED to work on DSTT

    4798-Alice in Wonderland[E] -> Encrypted = [B3D03A91]/ Decrypted = [DA04EEA3]
    4799-Sonic Classic Collection[E] -> Encrypted = [C6925D2C]/ Decrypted = [F1FA5159]
    4837-SpongeBob's Boating Bash[E]
    5016-Shrek Forever After[E]
    5017-Toy Story 3[E]
    5214-Grease The Official Video Game[E]
    5225-Imagine Dream Resort[E]
    5228-The Last Airbender[E]
    5291-The Sims 3[E] -> Encrypted = [98716DFD]/ Decrypted = [73CB88D4]
    5312-Zhu Zhu Pets 2 Featuring The Wild Bunch[E]
    If you don't decrypt the game it will not work
    To decrypt a game, use eNDryptS Advanced v1.2

    Here is the full fixed game list

    Credit For:
    retrogamefan - DSTT/R4 coder
    rudolph & 2ch - majority of (J) fixes
    Any other GBATemp people that helped before Retro started
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    thank you

    Thanks! now there's someone i can rely on with my dstt cause they say that it is dying and i don't wanna believe in that. so i hope you keep on helping us dstt users. thanks again.

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    Thank You Very much

    Its hard to find update for this card.....

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    Thanks soo much

    Its great to see the DSTT card still has the support of some great programmers.


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