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Thread: USBLoaderGX: USB only works when run via HBC

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    Unhappy USBLoaderGX: USB only works when run via HBC

    Hi all,
    wierd problem and been searching for two days without finding a fix:

    I run USB Loader GX on a 250GB USB drive and it works flawless if run via the HBC - however for the kids to use it I want to use the USB Loader GX channel.

    When I runt the USB Loader GX channel it never finds my USB device (tried "re-scan" with 249/222 but it just dosent work).

    1. What have I done wrong for the channel not use find the USB device?
    2. How come it's not affected when run via the HBC?

    Thanks a million and best regards

    Oh well, guides are great but sometimes the links are outdated... I installed a newer rev. of the channel and now everything is fine!
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    If you are using a forwarder channel, it must point to the correct storage device ie SD or USB. Where is your usb loader .dol stored? Look here for good channels.

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    Thanks Skell! I edited my post just as you posted - much appriciated!

    Best regards


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