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Thread: I screwed up....

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    Unhappy I screwed up....


    So I tried to put in the WiiKey2 chip, and ended up short
    circuitting and damaging the motherboard slightly.

    I removed the chip and put the Wii back in one piece, the
    machine turned on fine. However, once I put a disk in and
    tried to run it, it gave an error message instructing me to
    remove the disk and reboot.

    I hit the eject button receiving no reaction, so I unplugged
    it, waited a few hours, and tried again. This time, the
    machine booted, but the light in the drive did not light up.
    And the disk still does not eject. The error message appears
    once again.

    Although I feel like I know the answer, does traces of damage
    + modification on the motherboard void the warranty?

    If so, what can I do t preserve my save files, wiiware, and
    the game disk stuck in the drive...
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    if you believe me or not, the save files, wii ware, and such is on the BOTTOM of the wii not part of the drive if you send it to nintendo im sure they will fix it, or you can buy a new one, but i would just send it in, they will fix it, since they cant prove you did anything

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    Take a picture of it.. and i may be able to fix

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