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Thread: 3.2-4.1u softmodding, im stuck help!

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    3.2-4.1u softmodding, im stuck help!

    i found a sofmodding tutorial by dogeggz but it seems to have some flaws. everything went fine till i reached the last step where it says i have to install preloader, i installed it and had to use a GC controller cuz of that "Aprils fool bug" but whenever i hit A it displays an error saying "ios51 not patched with esdiverify...pressing [remote controls i cant use them so i ignored] could solve the problem". anyways... i found this ios51_installer pach by tona, i put it in my sd and changed the IOS51installer.dol to "boot.dol" (im confused though cuz there is also a .dol in there called patchmii but i onli changed ios51 to boot). when i opened the application from my homebrew channel it loaded fine but got stuck at initializing network and now over an hour have passed and the screen is still showing me the loading dots... the readme said i dont need connection, how can i fix this?
    btw since the priiloader is so messed up i found another file on the internet called startpatch.. is it the same and if i use it will it cause alot of problems and ioses popping up like priiloader?
    note: i have a white wii (old one) so yea i can softmod it, 4.1u system menu... my firmware updater had a similar problem before about shop channel but i cant remember what happened coz ive been trying to softmod for over 6months ago... now im back to try again.
    btw, should i also change the patchmii in the same folder to boot? if i do that wat would happen and if it asked me to load one first what should i do?

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    Any questions about the guide should be asked there...

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