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Thread: Does DSi paly video?

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    Does DSi paly video?

    I was wondering can DSI play videos, if so can anyone tell me what format? I have a Acekard2i, I don't know if I should load the video on the cart or sd card. Help, anyone? Thanks

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    they need to be .dpg files and you need to use moonshell to play them
    here is a guide, and make sure you do the formatting bit i didnt and moonshell wouldnt load but it works perfectly after i formatted

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    thanks for your quick reply!
    Sorry, I am totally new with this but what's mean: navigate to the ROOT of your Micro SD? I downloaded the Moonshell file so do I just copy everything from that folder to the msd card? Thanks

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    I currently have the games folder, aio and akmenu4.nds in the card. Could you please tell me what to do after I downloaded the Moonshell file? Thanks

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    the root is the first thing that opens on you sd card and yes put all the folders and files fro the download on the root there is quite alot of files and folders
    the root of you sd card should look something this
    [spoiler] [/spoiler]

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