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Thread: mod mii error

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    Exclamation mod mii error

    Trying to install modmii and I keep getting file skipped /not found error tried on two different computer what could be The problem my boyfriend is seriously doubting ability to do it so I been sitting at the computer acting like im accomplishing something for a hour before he calls my bluff !!!

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    you can always get the Latest IOS as WADs
    and the cIOS files also was wads, linked below.
    If you want to get up to date or something.. you should run through the softmod any wii guide linked below. Will give you everything you need.
    Also make sure you got the other essentials, like bootmii+NAND backup, Priiloader, a working set of cIOS, an up to date loader.
    good luck

    on the issue: server down/connection problems/harddisk full, try again at a later point if you really want to use modmii.

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