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Thread: Problems with HBC

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    Problems with HBC

    I installed HBC on my 4.3 u wii with the Smash Stack SSBB method. The channel loads up, and I can get icons for apps to appear, but most of the apps seem not to work. I am able to open the Homebrew browser and download apps, but none of the apps actually run. I originally could open bootmii via pressing the "home" button in the HBC, but now I just get a blank screen. Anybody have any thoughts? Did I do something wrong in the install process? I am thinking of just deleting and reinstalling the HBC. Would this be the right way to go? Can anyone help?

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    I have moved your incorrectly placed post into the Homebrew Forum. Your post requesting assistant on the HBC was originally made in the Sitewide Business area for reporting WiiHacks site login and registration problems. Please pay a bit more attention. Also, if you have not already done so, please make a post introducing yourself in the Introductions Forum. You will receive a welcome post with helpful information and links to our site. Welcome and good luck on resolving your problem.

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    Well what happens when you try to load the apps? Do they give you a back-screen and freeze the Wii? Or something else? Can you name 2-3 of the apps that this happens with? Maybe you don't have a cIOS installed.
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    Unhappy same problem here.

    I am having the same problem here. Whenever i try to run anything, I usually get a bunch of blank screen ( ex: Nero Gamma), get error codes like :Exception (DSI) occurred!" with a bunch of numbers or "stack dump" with a bunch of numbers ( USB LOADER).

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