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Thread: Bad DriveKeys or Console?????

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    Bad DriveKeys or Console?????

    I have an issue I just can't figure out. I currently have a Wii with a GC2-D2C chip. I purchased a DriveKey last year. I then purchased a few of the newer DriveKey version (yellow sticker) and replaced my old one with this newer one. I had been playing original & backup disks from both NTSC & PAL with no issues. About a month ago, out of the blue, I began to get Disk Read Errors on my backup disks & some original disks. I had not messed with it for a while, as I also have a modded XBox 360 to keep me occupied. Anyway, I had read online that it was probably the DVD drive went bad. I had planned on purchasing a new drive. Tonight, I removed the DriveKey completely and all my originals played fine. I then installed one of the other newer version DriveKeys right from an unopened package. I also got Disk Read Errors on my backups. I removed that DriveKey and installed the original old version and same thing. I then did a system format on the Wii (restoring the console to factory settings), installed a new version DriveKey and same thing. Finally, I removed all DriveKeys and did a softmod with HomeBrew and GammaLoader. Still will not read backups. All my originals do play fine though.

    Hmmm?, Right?

    What does this sound like to you?

    I'd hate to purchase a new drive and it not solve my prblem.

    My firmware is 3.4U, and was never upgraded.

    I quadruple checked all the settings, configuaration, dip switches and even tried different ribbon cables.

    It's obvious that it is not bad DriveKeys (since three of them don't work) & SoftMod also doesn't work. Not sure if anything on the drive would cause this. The only thing I know is a firmware upgrade, but I have always been at 3.4U

    Any clues would be helpful.

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    I would start by checking what drive model you have. There are a few that dont play backups no matter what you do. To start with the D3-2 Drive. Search for a way to determine youre drive and you can go from that.

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    If its a D3-2 then try to swap boards with the old drive that came out of the wii. That should also do the trick.

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    Not sure where you missed the part that "I had been playing original & backup disks from both NTSC & PAL with no issues"??? In any case, I figured it out - The laser in the drive is dying. Got a new drive and all is good.


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