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Thread: Freshly bricked Wii.. Need help recovering.

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    Freshly bricked Wii.. Need help recovering.

    Ok i believe I may have really screwed up my Wii. I was running a Wii that i had softmodded and had it freeze while updating the system menu from 3.4u to 4.1u. I will try and provide all the information I can.

    Wii System Menu was 3.4u, and was running all my backups fine through my usb HD w/ USB Loader GX.

    The Wii also has a older model WiiKey soldered in that I used before my laser started acting up. Laser works only when it feels like it..

    I loaded IOS60Patched.wad then SystemMenu 4.1u, It froze on "installing content #09"

    I rebooted, (which i have subsequently found was a very bad idea). The Wii now stops at the Priloader Screen v0.4 R78 with "Error autobooting System Munu" and "Could not open boot file".

    I cannot access "System Menu" or the "Homebrew Channel", I can, however, enter "Bootmii IOS". I did make a NAND backup beforehand. When i enter Bootmii and choose to recover via NAND It says it will run in simulation mode and i get the message.. "Restoremii, NAND ID ecdc1095 - Checking Boot2... - BootMii not found! Too dangerous to continue!"

    I have been reluctant to follow through on that. I spent some time searching out various methods at going about a recovery process, but I am petrified i may damage it more. If someone could provide some advice or guidance it would be GREATLY appreciated. I will gladly provide any other information I can.

    Thanks in advance..

    Sorry i realized there is a forums for brick issues only. I have reposted in that forum. Apologies for the inconvenience.
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    All I can say to you is keep reading until your eyes fall out. When recovering from bricking, everyone is on their on as the complexity of the bricking is very unpredictable.
    Second you should have followed the guide by mauifrog. If since you did a NAND backup, start by formatting the SD card proper guess it, continue reading and have confience.

    Good luck to ya.
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