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Thread: recent new mods to the forum!

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    recent new mods to the forum!

    recently im sure older members will notice we added a few things to try to get more things going, and some things to bring light to older things, so i thought i would explain them!

    Social Clubs
    • they have been here for as long as i have, and now were trying to get a little bit more attention for them
    • a small box has been added so you can keep track of new clubs, and posts, also we added a button at the top so you can always pop over there
    • if you dont know what a social club does, their small special forums, that people of a small click post and talk in, they show what clubs your in on your profile screen

    • its mostly for fun, but you do get set ammounts of points for just about everything, from infractions, to getting a topic stuck, to even thank yous, the more you got the higher your level.
    • you can find all the info here, from what gives __ points, to what place youre in, to even who has what award!

    the final thing im gonna cover is AWARDS!
    • currently very few have one i got one its the purple metal bellow my name for "helping hand"
    • before i talk about them i will say their for fun, and to recognize hard work, or effort.
    • if you look at the list of awards, please note you don't need to be the most active person in the world, or the best on the forum and doing things constantly! you can earn them for just about anything that's positive, so please keep that in mind, and remember just to be yourself, and maybe you'll get 1 maybe more, just keep trying their really for fun, so no worries!

    thats it, for new stuff im gonna cover, there might be more in the future, if you got any comments or suggestions, post here or pm me, ill reply asap.

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    this is such a huge improvement

    i like how this site is evolving

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    well shortly after i was promoted to jr. mod, ive been talking to Modderman, trying to get the site away from the UBER support forum it was, where the same 10 or so questions get cycled, and the same anwsers are given in a endless rotation, and move it twords more of a active community, just about everything so far as been Moddermans ideas, so theres a lot going on, its always good to see the site moving foward, theres some other idea's floating around atm *sorry no spoilers* but i think the changes will be positive, and like i said im happy you enjoy then :3, but mind telling me what makes this such a "huge improvement" im intrested, so maybe i can try to make some lacking area's better

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    Could you be more specific in the title I thought you meant Moderators not Modifications.
    Please and thank you!
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    recent new mods made it seem more like the modifications since we added like 5 xD

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    Maybe to you. I also thought you were talking about moderators.
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    i dont see why what i name it matters, if it was about mods to the forum, or people who moderate the forum, shouldnt you read it reguardless? since both directly affect you

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    What exactly is the Activity bar for?

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    i have no clue, it was just part of the mod, we dont even really understand how it works as of now

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    We will post a better description soon.

    But basically the activity shows how active you are on the forum. Every action gives you points such as creating new threads, replying, getting thanks etc... they all increase the activity bar...

    If you stop posting for a while it starts to drop..

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