A new update for the Wood firmware now supports R4iDSN card.



R4iDSN support added. thanx to R4iDSN team for provided support.


'tamagotchi no narikiri challenge (japan)' fixed.
'cooking mama world - hobbies and fun (europe)' fixed.
'mario vs. donkey kong - mini-land mayhem (usa)' fixed.
'dsorganize' fixed.
'blue dragon - awakened shadow (france)' fixed.
'call of duty - black ops (germany)' fixed.

WoodRPG is for the Acekard R.P.G only! WoodR4 is for the original/real R4, and R4iDSN only! Clones, fakes, and M3 cards are not officially supported.

Wood R4
Wood R4iDSN
Wood RPG
Source- GBAtemp

Thanks to emuhack for the heads up