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Thread: Gears of War cinematic trailer

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    Gears of War cinematic trailer

    Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the Gears of War cinematic trailer (the one with the gary jules cover of mad world). Is it available with the collector's edition?

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    Are you looking for just the trailer? I know there is a trailer or two available on the xbox live media area.

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    I figured it would be on youtube, I was just about to search for it. It's so cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slugbug View Post
    Thank you kindly I was hoping to grab a copy of it quicktime format. Let me check zee google one more time lol.

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    mad world

    here's the mad world song set to halo 3 commercial.

    maybe i just like the song mad world... this is where i downloaded it from....
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    That is wicked awesome! But the song didnt fade out.. kinda bummed about that.. and when MC was running at the end.. didnt fit the song =(

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    love that song, love those games lol! I cant wait for Halo 3 i dont even have a 360 but i cant wait for it still
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    Thanks Tivo.....for some reason that song just seems to enhance everything! If I play it while looking in the mirror I wonder if I will look more attractive..hmmmm

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    For anyone interested in the Gears of War cinematic trailer to download you can grab it here in both .mov and .wmv format:

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