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    Does anyone have the karaokii application? I have several songs on there that play fine with the lyrics coming up but there is no sound that comes out of the microphone. Is there some Wad or IOS that needs to be installed for this to work? Oh I have a Logitech mic.

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    One step further than me, I can't seem to get it to recognize any of my songs, no matter where I put them. I don't get it. If you could help me with that part maybe I will be able to get to your problem and try and help you out.

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    Well first of all you need to make sure the songs are in apps/Karaokii/songs/title of the song. They have to all be in .ki3 format and an OGG audio file as well. As of right now it doesn't recognize any other format for karaokii.

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    That is where I have been putting them. That is why I am confused. Even the sample song that came with the download does not work. Just can't seem to figure out why. Thanks for your help though.

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    Having Trouble

    I had that problem with Karaokii. It was not reading the song that came with karaokii because the game and song was on my FAT32 Partition of my HDD. It did play the song provided if the game and song where on a sd card. For some reason it would not work on the HDD. Can't seem to get Ultrastar txt files with ogg files to work yet either.

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    That is the thing, I am putting it on the SD card. That is all I am using. Even tried re formating the SD card and that didn't work. About ready to give up. Very frustrating.

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    where can you download songs for this karaokii app???


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