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Thread: Everything was working then I upgrade...

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    Everything was working then I upgrade...

    I have a chip in my Wii but I donyt know what chip.
    Using my western digital USB disk to play backup games,
    I have wiiflow installed.

    So far so good.

    I change my router and have some truble with networking, so when I success to access internet with my Wii I press Update. Same time I press the button I think NOOOOOO!!!

    Now I can start my Wiiflow but the app dont find my harddrive.
    What could I do to make things work again, and yes by wii now have the 4.3E.

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    You will have to do mauifrogs 4.3 guide im affraid.
    Updating kills cios and HB....
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    If you skip the priiloader section you may be able to do all of this again in the future! DON"T SKIP PRIILOADER!!!!


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