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    gutiar heros

    ok i looked in your tutorial and everything is about usb loading, i dont want to use that method i want to play on my back up disc.. i keep getting the black screen when i am loading from neogamma r9 47.. im not sure if you call this 002 error.. i tried the usb got it to work but thats not what i want

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    GH is run via cIOS 223 not 249 / that what neogamma uses.
    get uLoader and set it to load via 223
    please refer to this Music Games Guide.
    good luck

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    Vinatec you beat me to it. To o/p you dont have to load the game from usb in uloader. It also gives you the option to boot discs.

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    thank you very much i look at the guide before ... so all i had to do was download and install ciosx rev 20 and it worked on neogamma i had rev 20 already so i guess ciosx rev 20 is different then thanx a lot for your help


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