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Thread: Hackmii / HBC Issues after Pimp My Wii....

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    Us Hackmii / HBC Issues after Pimp My Wii....

    Hey everyone!

    Well, I have an issue or two I am needing some advice on. I have an LU4 wii with system menu 4.2u installed. I softmodded it using the guides and forums I founf here about a year ago and things have been great! I have an external USB HDD with my backups running through WiiFlow AND USBloadergx. Up until about four days ago, things were peachy. My 11 year old son decided to download and install "Pimp My Wii" as he was having issues with Blackops playing on the USB HDD. Well unbeknownst to me, he went and installed the PMW and updated the HBC as well to 1.08 I believe?? Well once he did this I noticed that it changed my USBloader settings in Priiloader, which I got changed back,,, and all seems well there... However, when I try to access BootMii from the Priiloader screen (holding the reset button while powering on), it says there's an error loading BootMii. In addition, it will not boot to the HBC from the priiloader screen and says, "Perhaps it's not installed?"

    Also, when I tried to use the bannerbomb trick for loading Hackmii and Bootmii again (thinking i could just overwrite them) I get an error from HackMii telling me there are no vulnerable IOS present and to "go suck it"...

    No keep in mind I still HBC working if I launch from the Wii system menu and my USBloadergx / backups work... just a little nervouse because of the hackmii and Bootmii errors. My concern is that a NAND backup may no longer worked if needed.

    So, my question(s): 1) What the hell did my kid do?
    2) Is it reversible?
    3) How do I go about reversing it?
    4) Can I RESTORE it back to its 'virgin' settings and start over
    with the bannerbomb and if so, is this the best option???

    I have spent the last three days searching the forums and have found only sporadic answers that don't fully apply and I would rather admit I don't know than to start putzing with stuff and makes my situation 10000000000 times worse. Any help ANY of you could provide would be GREATLY appreciated. BTW, not sure if it helps, but I did a syscheck and I noticed that both 36 AND 58 are listed as disabled... Could this be the culprit???

    Thanks again,

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    1. Not sure, but I have not heard anything good about Pimp My Wii (commonly referred to as Brick My Wii)
    2. Yep
    3. Post a syscheck here for us to analyze, then the great folks here will point you in the right direction.
    4. Yes you can, but not the right option.

    If oyu have bootmii as boot2 you will still be able to restore your nand, but only do that as a last resort.

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    Gotta love the pimp my wii fail...

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    Stay away from pimp my wii if you do not know what you are doing.

    Look at this thread for sorting out your no vulnerable IOS present

    Post a sys check How to post a system check

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    First... THANK YOU for the very fast reply! I really do appreciate it.

    I was able to do some more reading on these forums and on another site ( I know, I know... but the two actually worked well to solve the problem)...

    It seems as if somehow, PMW 'patched' all of the IOS files it could and when the Hackmii installer went to install, it was not happy because they had all been patched and thus wouldn't install in patched IOS's... So using ATD and DOP-IOS I was able to delete IOS 30, reinstall with an 'older version v1040' and then installed the latest updtaes to the IOS's WITHOUT patches, etc... loaded up the original .6 HackMii and Voila... I'm back in business.... Not sure if this helps anyone else, but it worked for my sorry butt and saved the hyde on kid's butt as well!!!!

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    Had a feeling pimp my wii had done something like that.
    You know that thread I linked you to would have sorted it lol...

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    LOL... (I can actually laugh about it now... wasn't laughing so much earlier in the day... :P) After further review, it looks like the PMW is FRENCH???? Doesn't that explain a lot!!! hehehe


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