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Thread: How to tie/glue/tape Wiikey2 chip down on dvd drive?

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    How to tie/glue/tape Wiikey2 chip down on dvd drive?


    I've got a D2C-2 and a yellow sticker WiiKey 2. I have the Wii cracked open on my workbench, and am practicing up on my soldering. My question is, how and where to tie down the chip to the dvd drive?

    Is it better to use double sided tape, a hot glue gun or something else?

    Is there particular place the chip should placed. I have see it placed both on the green PCB board, and on the metal in the void in the middlel on the drive. Does the dvd drive get hot during use?



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    a lot of people put hot glue, in the hole in the middle of the motherboard, and set it there, it really doesnt matter as long as its secure, and you can get it to work

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    You can use double-sided foam tape or double-sided tape. I use wig tape as its very sticky, but peels clean.

    You can mount anywhere you like actually.


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