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Thread: help needed !!

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    help needed !!

    i have just bought a soft modded wii and i have no idea on what im doing ! ive read around the forum and im even more confused , ive downloaded and burnt 1 game which worked fine ! , i then tried just dance 2 and well it says cant open big file ? . i am using uloader ver 3.1 and im thinking i maybe need to update something , whats the safest and easiest way to do this please ? all i want to do is dance !

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    You might need to up date ios's to play some newer games and what is your wii firmware version also try not metioning downloading games this site does not promote that. there are are some guides in this forum on hoe to update safely so you don't brick your wii and loose any of your soft mod. Use the search button sorry I don't remember the threads of the top of my head.hope this helped a little

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    First post and first mistake. Sorry nobody can help here.
    I guess you are not owning the game you downloaded. As wiihacks does not support piracy in any wii i will close this thread and ask you to re-read the
    Forum Rules.

    Make up your mind and join the bright side of wii modding

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks

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