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Thread: Wii Softmod Noob here. Need help/advice(black screen when loading any HB channels)

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    Wii Softmod Noob here. Need help/advice(black screen when loading any HB channels)

    Hello all. New to the forums.

    I bought a Hard modded and it was also soft modded wii yesterday.
    Running back up games from a disk works fine of course.
    Running games from an external hard drive is what I'm having a problem with .
    I was getting a black screen when loading USB loader and my Wii-mote would unsync. I read some forums with people having the same problem and read that downgrading to 4.1 should make it work agian. I downgraded following a tutorial on this forum.
    When I try USB loader with 4.1u same problem. Should I try soft modding again? Is that possible?

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    downgrading has not helped to get your usb drive to work. running games is completly systemmenu version independet and rely on your cIOS installed on your wii.
    If you did not use a wiihacks softmod guide it is likely that you are not setup correctly.
    Running through the softmod any wii guide linked below will get you up to date and provide you with useful apps and loaders.
    You can just use the guide's very first option, "softmodding with the hbc already present" and install new stuff on top of old.
    To afterwards set up your drive correctly refer to the FAT32 loading guide for example (would be a guide idea if it never ran before..)

    A short Hello in the introduction section would have given you some useful links as well, maybe stop by and do so.

    Good luck

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