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Thread: Twilight Princess/HBC problems

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    Unhappy Twilight Princess/HBC problems

    Hi There, I hope someone could tell me what I'm doing wrong here.

    I've got the twilight pincess hack copied over to the wii, european region and that seems to work.
    my wii is FW 3.1E,
    The game loads up I speak to the guy and it crashes.
    Then it loads boot.dol which should be the HBC i think
    I've got a clean formated FAT SD card containing just that, some folder called wiiload which I think is unnecessary and an apps folder with all the scummvm files inside.

    Anyway after the game crashes it says its found boot.dol
    then it just starts showing pages and pages of code
    it all starts with err=c, 1000002
    and occasionaly says something like
    read block 192 then just carrys on
    after about 20 mins it says no code to run, hanging!
    and thats it when I turn it off and on again nothing seems to have happened?

    it's making me a little bit mental
    can anyone help

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    do you have enough space for this?
    and youre ment to just walk back last i checked =x
    and my final idea if none of this works, just try a lower one than beta 1

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    Do you mean have i got enough space on the SD card?
    yeah the're all small files
    walking back produces the same result
    pages of err=c, response 00010001 a010101e 1010101

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    try a lower hbc installer
    if you have a modchip do it via iso
    try the hbc 9 installer

    other than that idk =\


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