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Thread: PS3 downgrader real, and leaked

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    PS3 downgrader real, and leaked

    A few days back an FLA file and some instructions were posted to compliment the previously released update software for the PSJailBreak Team's PSDowngrade product, and today the PS JailBreak downgrade files have been leaked through a nice but anonymous source on IRC. Currently work is being done towards a free public PS3 downgrader alternative to the pay version, and based on a preliminary examination of the leaked PS Downgrader 3.41 PUP and Lv2diag.self files they appear to include a modified PUP along with the official Sony PlayStation 3 JIG Files that were also leaked nearly two years ago.

    Usually JIG files use a special PUP to downgrade as inside its CORE_OS package is flagged for downgrading, however, this is not the case. It seems that the PUP has been modified to allow downgrading, perhaps via another yet undisclosed exploit... Time will tell for sure!

    There should be a free version of the PS3 downgrade available soon. The article seems to hint at the existence of a new exploit allowing players to downgrade their console no matter the firmware version and model.

    Source- eurasia

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    just to let anyone know that is reading this if you downgrade your ps3 than you will suffer blue ray playback support, you cannot use your blueray drive until they figure out who to fix it fyi

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    There is now a blue ray fix. I recently downgraded mine with no problems just need to replace one downgrader file with the fixed file.
    If you have already downgraded and broke your blue ray playback then I am sure you can downgrade to something like 2.41 and then official update to 4.1 and that should fix it.


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