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Thread: Need Help - Semi-Brick

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    Need Help - Semi-Brick

    I have a modded us-ntsc Wii which was semi-bricked by Disaster day of crises. I could use some help here. Recovering discs don't work and the latest update from Animal Crossing didn't help me as well. I managed to install the homebrew channel but I'm having problems to find an in depth tutorial explaining how to unbrick using those tools. Since I don't have the system options anymore I don't have internet access. Does anyone know how I can solve this problem? Any good tutorial? Thanks for the time and attention.

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    i would update to 3.4 then downgrade to 3.2

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    Thats what I want to know. How to downgrade? I have no system menu and no internet connection. Boot discs don't work. I need a guide. In depth guide.


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