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    I have just donated to this great site. But i did not get a banner under me username yet. i got pm thanking me though.

    Btw, it would be great if one of you helpful mods would help me and reply to my thread.

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    Thank you for your donation and for your support of WiiHacks, zigizag. The thank you PM is more quickly provided via an automated system. Your banner should show up by 3 days. From your post, it might appear that you are downloading games that you have not purchased. WiiHacks does not support piracy.

    If I have misunderstood and you were downloading backups of the game discs you own, the problem for a chipmodded Wii is , unlike the softmodded Wii using an external USB hard drive, there is a need for the IOS that the game uses to load and to play. Try this guide HERE

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    Okay thanks for letting me know about the banner.

    About the games, i own them but i want keep them in mint condition. thats why i am trying to play them on backup dvds. ( I just downloaded Chicken Shoot from the net so that i can test it.)

    About the isos your are talking about, how do i go about adding them to my wii?

    If you want you can answer at the other thread since this one is in the donations area, lol.

    Sorry, i'm new at this.
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