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Thread: Cannot fix 002 error

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    Cannot fix 002 error

    I've done quite a bit of research and i cannot seem to fix the above. I use 3.1 firmware (hardmodded / USA) and have updated the following Wads:

    Some wads i was not able to update as i'd get an error -1 or something like that.

    I can play most recent games e.g. COD BOps etc but for some other (SMG2, FIFA11) i get the error 002.

    I therefore installed Neogamma r7 but i still get the error. I did more research and found out that i needed to install the CIOS 236 or CIOS 38 ; i'm a bit confused but anyway...

    I downloaded CIOS installer 14 or installer IOS236 but it does not work when i try to install (get some memory dump error). My WII is not connected to the internet so i used NUSD to download the wads.

    I know there is lots of posts on the above but i cannot find an answer that works for me! i prefer to keep my system to 3.1 and just update the wads.. i dont mind that way.

    If anyone could help it would be much much appreciated.

    Thank you

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    try using uloader and setting error 002 fix

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    Well if you are loading from your hardmod then you can fix it by checking what IOS the game needs and installing it. If you are properly softmoded then this problem should be non-existent when loading via neogamma.
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    I would suggest softmodding and loading via neogamma. (I noticed like the others you said you were hardmodded and softmods and hard mods work very well together)

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    Hi + thank you all for your replies,

    I've already installed neogamma but I still get the error message (I'm missing the CIOS i think), i used version r7... shall i use another version?

    Best Wishes

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    Yes you need a cios. You need to fakesign ios 36......
    Then install you cios.
    Rev 17 is a good bet.

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    thank you for the info.

    I downloaded cios38 rev 17 installer as per the link you provided but when i try to install it and open the application in HBC, i get the following error:
    'exception dsi occurred.... code dump....bla bla' with a lot of numbers...?

    Best Regards

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    I finally managed to install cios rev 17 but i am still getting the 002 error!! any suggestions?

    thank you for your help.

    Best Wishes


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