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Thread: Call Of Duty Black Ops For Kids

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    Call Of Duty Black Ops For Kids

    Is It Possible For Texture Hacks For Call Of Duty Black Ops, Like Funny Textures Like...
    Counter Strike For Kids

    P.S Wasnt Sure Where To Post This
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    Lol is this a serious question?

    Removed your link as it is not appropriate for the site.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Heck yes, dont tell me this isnt a good idea .

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    Not possible at the moment as far as I know. Moved your thread to the lounge as I can't find a good place for it. If you can find a video with less swearing then feel free to post it again (in your first post).
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    Let me get this right: user is asking about a kid-friendly texture hack and including as an illustration a profanity-strewn video? Hmm... what's wrong with that picture, lol.

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    Yes, rather confused myself. Not sure how COD could be considered "kid friendly" at all I thought it was a joke
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    The only thing you can do is in the options menu you can set it from unrestricted, i haven't tried this but I think all it does is cut down on the blood splatter.
    To be honest leave mario for the kids and CoD will always be a violent game even if you have rainbows spewing out instead of blood.

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    Counter Strike For Kids is an adult joke. I don't think the OP is actually looking for a way to make COD:BO kid friendly. Just give it the same goofy style as the Counter Strike For Kids mod.
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    hmm i though texture hacking was a simple process, like super smash brawl.

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    Black Ops is Not a kids game PERIOD , it has a M rating, the content of killing other people should not be given to kids. I've played through the single player game (on the PC) even the language is bad. There is no way to make this a Kid friendly game. As a parent you should know that.

    Video games like this is an art, modiying this game is almost like taking the Mona Lisa and painting a mustache on it....

    Sorry this is just my thoughts on this subject..

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