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Thread: What is total height of Wii with the wode please?

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    What is total height of Wii with the wode please?

    Hi, 1st post, still trying to absorb all the info on here and yet more guides and reading to do yet but, a simple question...

    I'm Thinking about buying new wii (probably black would look best for me)

    Considering Wiikey Fusion or Wode at the moment to keep things simple for the kids but where the console will sit has restricted height. (i'm fussy and its a shame the wode is only in white!)

    So, can someone tell me the maximum height of the wii in the wode base please.

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    Hi byngo1

    1st post should be in the introductions area..

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    oops, fixed that.

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    I've just measured it and it's 21.5 cm.

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    Thanks for measuring. 21.5 is about 1cm too high for gap between my tv stand shelves. Bugger.


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