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Thread: Semi Bricked ?

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    Unhappy Semi Bricked ?

    Hi i am totaly new to all this.
    I bought an sd card for hacking my daughters wii on ebay and followed the instructions until it got to the point where i needed to have my internet on. I went into my settings and got opera message. So cant turn on my internet connection, cant play discs. After reading some treads on this site i think its semi bricked. I dont know what firmware it it all i know is i bought it in smyths in Dublin 15 about 2 years ago and only used it a hand full of times. Here is the info of what i installed. Any help would be great, please explain in easy terms as i have never done this before. Sorry for the story book just trying to give all information needed to get help.

    [external guide removed]
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    You are indeed semi bricked. Use the stickied thread to fix the semi brick here in this section.
    We can't really help with a guide not from this site (will remove your "guide").
    The guide you are following is outdated, just to let you know rev14 is old you will get into trouble sooner or later.
    Fix your semi brick and say Hello in the introduction section to get the links to the wiihacks softmod guides.
    good luck
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    Thank you will do.


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