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Thread: 4.1 with Homebrew to 4.2U

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    Ca 4.1 with Homebrew to 4.2U

    I couldn't find a thread about that or it wasn't clear to me how to do it exactly...

    I hacked my Wii when the version was still 4.1. Then somebody (not to mention names, but probably my 5 year-old son who is way too comfortable navigating through the Wii menus!) accepted the upgrade to 4.2U. I have since turned the WiiConnect 24 off, which I thought was already off, but anyway...

    The 4.1 version had all the hacking stuff installed (homebrew, cIOS, USBLoader GX, DVDx). My question is: can I use the "Full hacking guide for 4.2 system menus" without any issues knowing the original hack was done on the 4.1 version, or do I have to downgrade/delete the stuff for 4.1 first?

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    You can follow Shadow Sonic's guide for 4.2 or mauifrog's ANY Wii guide (even if previously softmodded under 4.1).

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    You can follow the guide without having to downgrade or patch anything.

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    Great, thanks all!

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    make sure u install preloader and all the hacks stop this happing agine

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