This may help some having problems with the Wasabi DX.

I got mine today, and followed some youtube instructions on dismantling the wii. Well worth a look here:

Then I installed the DX (easy) and put it back together.

The first backup game played fine.

Then the next couple did not (Unable to read disk). So I adjusted the DVD write speed down, but still no joy. And the first game had also stopped working. Original games still played though. Weird.

I took it apart again to check the wires and ribbons were in place. Yep, everything looked OK so I screwed it back together.

Same problem.

I took it apart again, only this time I removed the sticky tape I had used to fix the DX in place.

Problem solved! The stickiness of the tape had taken the top of the dip switch unit off, and the switches were no longer making contact - so effectively they were all switched to 0. (I think 0 is the default...)

Anyway, a little bit of fiddling later (those switches are VERY small) and I managed to get it back together.

This time, when I taped the DX down, I put a little slither of paper between the dip switches and the sticky tape so that it doesn't pull the top off it again.

After screwing it back together and turning it on, bingo! All the games work, irrespective of how fast I burned them.