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Thread: Risks of WADinstaller?

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    Ca Risks of WADinstaller?

    Hi, here's what I know about wadinstaller so far: you can access it via HBC, and what it does is that it can bring apps from the HBC menu onto the wii's main menu, and it can install wiiware games on the wii menu also.

    So I was wondering, are there any risks for doing any of these activities besides banner-bricking my wii? Cuz it would be nice if I can have snesgx9x on my wii menu, and the same with my other wiiware games that I bought before (long story short, my cousin took my white wii with my VC and Wiiware games on it during the summer and never returned it).

    Will Nintendo be able to detect these "unqualified" channels? I essentially want to still play online with no issues after using WAdinstaller.

    Also, where is a good (trustworthy)site where I can download wiiware games?

    Thanks for your time.

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    We're not giving you any links to WiiWare or Virtual Console WADs. No discussion!

    Nintendo can't detect homebrew channels, unless you update, but then she still doesn't do anything with it. To block updates, see this guide by WiiJohn. You can still play games online without being noticed by Nintendo.

    Install the WADs using Multi-Mod Manager or WAD Manager (WAD Installer is really outdated).
    There are not many risks bounded to installing WADs, as long as you get them from a trusted source! Always read the comments.
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    thanks alot man, but I'm coming across some problems. I have wii version 4.3u, and after selecting ios249, my wiimote turns off and I can't go any further. Now, I've done my research, and apparently I need to do something with the ios's or something? I don't want to go tinkering with anything i don't have a clue about, but if you can explain (it's OK if you can't, you've already done alot) what cIOS's and IOS's are, and what base IOS's are, and the like? I'm totally confused, and why all "base levels" of wii's are different from some other wii's.

    Thanks in advance, if you can point me out to a specific part of a guide, that would help me out alot.


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