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    I have the soft mod 4.2 and have followed all the help guides and every thing works great. The problem i am having is with wbfs when i use it none of the buttons work I have to go throught the tabs at the top of the screen. I aslo have to formatt every time wbfs starts, that wipes my hard drive clean and i have no games. I have to put them back on every time. Why can i not use all the little buttons, and why do i have to formatt every time.

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    More information would be good. Version of usb loader? What usb loader? What guide you followed?
    You could try fat32 and see how you get on.

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    I followed every thing shadowsonic 2 had in his guid. I used every thing that he said to down load. So i am not sure what version my usb loader is


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