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    has anyone used or know how to use dsftp, ive been tring and searching for a guide but i cant seem to get it to conncet fire ftp

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    I have, it's quite choosy,
    you've set your login details I suppose?

    you have to create this folder and file on your sdcard

    with the following settings
    motd /ftp/motd.txt
    logfile /data/logs/ftp.log
    loglevel 4
    timeout 60
    transferblocksize 4000
    portrangestart 9000
    portrangeend 9999
    screensaver 30
    wakeonlog false
    user USR
    pass PSS
    root /
    home /
    write true
    boot true
    end user
    filezilla works without altering settings, quickconnect,
    but if it fails, set mode to ascii (and not auto) and or turning pasv on/off
    I don't know why, but that worked for me.
    I read the ftp.conf thing somewhere, but I misplaced the bookmark



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