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Thread: wheres best place to buy mod chips

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    wheres best place to buy mod chips

    Hi first chip i ever bought was canada mods all good

    then i came upon modchipcentral (cheeper then canada mods)
    bought 15 chips from them

    now found an even cheeper site

    i have a little modding business so im looking for the best deals
    canada mod $84.95
    modchip central 64.95 plus 5 for solder $69.95
    foundmy 48 plus 7 to solder so $56

    so has anyone ever bought from here are they a good company

    and please i donít want biast (not sure how to spell that word)
    replies form canadamod employees

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    there is only 1 member here who cares about CM and thats spyman the owner xD

    canadamods is good
    modchip depot is good
    modchipcentral is good
    ive heard very little about, but i think they got a decent rep

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    I would recommend CanadaMods if you live near the boarder or in Canada, But if you live i the united States and you live far away from Canada It will take a LOOOOOOOONG!!!!! Time to get it. I would recommend something in the United States.

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    i live in windsor ontario and no thanks on canada mod why would i go to them when modchip central is $15 dollars cheeper

    anyways my questions is has anyone bought from found my
    im just looking for some feed back on found my
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    So who should US buyers buy from within the US?


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