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Thread: Does anybody know how to copy already copied games?

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    Does anybody know how to copy already copied games?

    Does anybody know how to copy copied games? I have copied games that I buy from a friend but I would like to make another duplicate for my daughter, I do not have any software or anything, Not sure what I need. If a game has already been copied can it not just be copied like a DVD movie? or is it a little more technical than that. lol
    thanks in advance

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    its exactly the same as a real one
    LG drive blah blah
    wireless via homebrew

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    Really ?? ahhh crap, I have no idea how to do that haha, Ok mate thanks

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    Wrong. If you have a copied game already, just use img burn to extract an image file from it and burn onto another disc. I'm sure you can even use a copy program. I've only made images from copied games, using a NON LG burner, and it works fine. Trust me, you don't need an LG drive to rip an already copied game.

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    hi yes obscured is right you can copy a game if it has already been copied i use nero disc copy works for me


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